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"REST IN PLEASE" | NAWB X ToHave (2012)

Acrylic and Vinyl on Plastic material.
Realised on ToHave "Wel-460 Light Blue" model.

During January 2012 ToHave and Studio N21 asked the italian artist Notawonderboy
to customize the "Wel 460 Light-Blue" model by ToHave.
This is a short documentary about his work.

Rest in please - Notawonderboy X ToHave from Davide Bona on Vimeo.

Artist: Notawonderboy

Directed & Edited by Davide Bona
Co-Directed by Notawonderboy
Soundtrack "Drug Train" by The Monsters (

Special thanks to:
Lorenzo Belli, Valentina Coruzzi, Simone Pollastri, ToHave.





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